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At this very moment right before you are possibilities beyond your awareness. Facing you are the fresh vistas of invigorating enlightenment, as well as the fruitful competence of enduring character. The images and links on this site represent such possibilities for the wonderful person you are; possibilities which you may have abandoned or never knew to consider.  As you engage with Acacia Counseling and take the first steps you will begin to explore and create new or renewed healing and growth into the possibilities of your unique reality. 

My name is Anthony Johnson and as a professional counselor with Acacia Counseling, I am deeply excited for the healing and growth possibilities before you. Growth in dynamic competence and perdurable character is my passion. This passion drives what I desire for my life and it drives what I desire for every person with whom I engage. For me every step of healing to growth is a high honor and a compelling privilege to experience and to witness.  I would be honored to help facilitate growth in your life!

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